Cat Sitter DVD

The Cat Sitter DVD is jam-packed with outrageous and fun footage, professionally and scientifically produced by the leading cat and video production specialists to keep your cat engaged while you are out of the home. We use visual and aural stimulation, with an emphasis on fun. The Cat Sitter DVD is filled with sounds and sights from places far and near, shot in stunning high-definition video and Dolby Digital sound. Cats can hear much better than humans so we have designed the DVD for cats with gentle messages of reassurance, like “here kitty kitty”, “good boooy” or “good girrrl” and multiple sound layers. The Cat Sitter DVD will not only keep your cat busy but will also help them to stay happy, active and alert. The DVD for cats is full with rare video from near and faraway places, with exotic animals, all kinds of cats and other goofy kitty friends. Besides, with bonus training and aging tips from our pet industry experts, we are sure to keep you watching the video too! The DVD for cats is available in two versions, Stunning High-Definition Blu-Ray disc, and Standard Definition DVD. Buy one, or both for one low price. Either way, The DVD for cats will surprise you with its craftsmanship and clarity. The DVD for cats is backed with a thirty-day ‘Cat-isfaction’ guarantee. The DVD for cats just put, is your handy feline friend. Just pop in the DVD or Blu-Ray, pick a chapter and bond with your companion. Or, while your cat is entertained for hours, let the video loop!

Cat Sitter DVD 1Cat Sitter DVD 2

• Great stocking stuffer.
• More rare footage and features.
• Aging tips and bonus training from cat pros.
• Excellence in workmanship.
• Green manufacturing.
• Giving back to the virtual community.

• It entertains your cats.
• Bird segments which cats love.
• The sounds are genuine birds and rustling of leaves.
• Rescued cats don’t bore with the DVD.
• Cat’s owner can go outside leaving the cat alone at home.
• Reasonable price.
• Cat sitter DVD is much cost reasonable than cat sitting Philadelphia.

• Cats do not care for the fish segment.
• Anything that is too large cannot attract cats.
• Some cats are wired to respond to videos.
• Cats attacked the TV screen.
• Videos footages aren’t up to the mark.

Question: Are the animal sounds enticing? I’m thinking about getting this for a blind (very bored) cat.
Answer: Yes, I believe they are/would be to a blind cat. There are sounds of birds chirping, parrots squawking, and squirrels chattering. Poor kitty, it’s very kind and thoughtful to consider getting this video to entertain your cat.
Question: Do these DVDs have other cats in them? I have a neutered male that pees on my bed whenever he sees another cat in the back yard, so that’s bad.
Answer: Not very much – it is mostly fish, birds, mice and other things that cats love. My cats watch it but not all of them are totally capitated by the video while others are. It is a not costly item to check out if your cat likes it – and if the cat does not like it give it to another cat friend.
Question: What types of rodents are in this video, not the squirrels or gerbils; the ones with the long tails?
Answer: We haven’t watched the Monster’s (aka cats) DVD since early spring. One of our monsters loves that DVD and likes TV in general. The other monster should give a hoot about it. We have to be with the one when he watches it because even at 13 years of his 9 lives, he makes a flying leap at the TV when he watches this DVD. Sorry, I can’t be more help-at least, now. A TV is in our upstairs bedroom, inconvenient for daytime viewing but wonderful for reading time and other activities in the living room.

Conclusion/Final Words
The Ultimate Cat Sitter DVD was not made by home video rather it was made of near and far places. Amongst using top-of-the-line video equipment, we also made it with a cat’s perspective in mind. While many people find it entertaining, the video was made especially to keep cats attention, without being too long or too repetitious. The Cat Sitter DVD was made with love and affection, by a small family company that loves cats and is fully enthusiastic in making cat videos for your furry cat pal.
The Cat Sitter DVD is full of sounds and sights from near and far places, shot in spectacular high-definition with the highest quality equipment and Dolby Digital sound. Cats can hear much better than humans so we have designed the DVD for cats with multiple sound layers, and gentle messages of reassurance. Many people have demanded that the mixture of sounds, such as purring, rain, a washing machine, meows, kids, and other noises makes their cat not only happier, but more sociable with cats, children, and other larger animals. People now look for cat sitter DVD than cat sitting Philadelphia because of its reasonable cost.


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