Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Food

Feed your kitty’s wild side with the high-protein nutrition of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Food is made with real chicken as the first ingredient and never any wheat, grains or by-products. It packs a powerful protein punch to support kitty hunter’s overall health and satisfy his cravings for meat with every bowl. It’s loaded with antioxidant-rich life source Bits-a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to support immunity-plus omegas, taurine and essential amino acids for a complete and well-rounded diet for cats of all ages. Besides, it helps maintain healthy digestion for happy tummies with prebiotic fibers in every bite.
The best part about Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food Reviews is that it is free from artificial preservatives. Also, it is free of grain and gluten. Cats are carnivores so they have to follow a zero grain formula. Also, gluten is not considered healthy for cats. So, it is best for them to not include grains and gluten in their diet. This product from Blue not only keeps your little kitties energized for a long period of time but also helps them grow healthy and strong.

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• Packed with real chicken: Made to feed cat’s wild side, this high protein cat food is packed with more of the chicken cats crave to help maintain and build lean muscle mass.
• Grain-free cat food: Blue Wilderness Grain Free Adult Cat Food is made with healthy carbohydrates including peas and sweet potatoes to help fuel cat’s active standard of living. Besides, it contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health.
• With life source bits: This formula contains Blue’s exclusive life source bits – a precise blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals carefully selected by animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians to support life stage requirements, immune system health, and a healthy oxidative balance.
• Natural cat food: Blue Dry Cat Food is formulated for the health and well-being of adult cat and features the finest natural ingredients enhanced with minerals and vitamins. It never contains chicken or poultry by-product corn, meals, soy, wheat, artificial flavors or preservatives.
• Contains one 12-lb bag of Blue Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Cat Food, and Chicken.

• Healthy Muscle Development
High-quality protein from Deboned Chicken, plus Chicken Meal and Turkey Meal helps to build strong muscles for cats.
• Healthy Skin & Coat
An optimal balance of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids helps promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.
• Healthy Digestion
We use only high-quality protein and natural sources of fiber to help provide optimal nutrient absorption and digestive health.
• Healthy Weight
The carefully balanced calories from proteins and fat help maintain an ideal healthy, body weight.
• Healthy Immune System
Essential vitamins, chelated minerals, and important antioxidants help support the immune system.
• Healthy Heart & Eyes
Taurine is a necessary amino acid that cats require to help maintain eye and heart health.

• Change of ingredients.
• Cats facing problems with this food.
• Causes urinary tract congestion.
• Cat diagnosed with FLUTD.
• Cat started suffering from struvite crystals

Question: Is this for diabetic cats?
Answer: Diabetic cats should eat foods that are less than 10% carbs. This type of food is hard to find. The owner of that site is a vet and recommends not feeding dry at all, but while transitioning she uses Evo which is around 5% carbs. That said my diabetic cat was a dry food junkie. He wouldn’t eat at one point so I had to find a dry that wouldn’t raise his blood sugar. I ended up using Young Again Pet Foods Zero Carb dry food. It’s 0.4% carbs. He had no sugar spikes while eating it. He even went into remission while eating. It’s expensive and special order but cost pennies next to the cost of insulin.
Question: Which taste of Blue Dry Cat Food cats eat much? Tried Blue Freedom Weight Control and Wilderness also Weight Control, both in orange bags, cats didn’t like them. And also you can take a look on Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food reviews for knowing maximum cats taste on this product.
Answer: Each cat has a very different body structure and metabolism, but they are all thriving on it. One does tend to be heavier than the others, but she is solid and very active. If your cats have weight issues, this might be the answer. Although it appears expensive, the cats eat less and thrive. I free feed the dry and give them some wet food. I just split up a small can of Friskies. They love the Wilderness. Be patient in the transition and don’t give up. You know that they’ll go dramatic on you for making any changes. Just wait them out, and their behavior will eventually let you know that they actually like it after they have given you enough of a hard time. Another positive thing; they seem to shed less.
Question: Aren’t Oats a Grain? I consider them to be one and I would never buy this food again.
Answer: There are not any oats in this product.
Question: How long is it good for shelf life?
Answer: There is an expiration date printed on the bag, so unsealed it should be good until that date. I use the largest bag, somewhere just over 30 pounds. I keep my cat food in airtight containers once opened. I have two cats and feed them each 2/3 cup per day and the food lasts around two to 3 months. I have not had any issues with the food smelling stale or my cats not wanting to eat it as we get to the end of the bed. I hope that would help.
Question: Is this food softer than typical dry-food?
Answer: No it’s the same. Two veterinarians expressed concern that this food may have caused struvite crystals and kidney disease in my seven-year-old healthy cat. If you need softer food for an older cat, this might not be appropriate.
Question: Some forms of potatoes are listed in the ingredients a total of four times. Why does anyone consider a cat requires potatoes in their diet?
Answer: I don’t think potatoes are essential but they do provide some carbohydrate and give the cat some different tastes. Besides, they are also easy to digest.

Conclusion/Final Words
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Food is a delicious diet your kitty’s going to love. It has deboned chicken as its main constituent. Taurine is a vital amino acid that is required by the kitties for the overall development of their eye and heart.
Sweet potato is yet another key ingredient in this blue wilderness kitten dry food which is rich in complex carbohydrates. Also, sweet potatoes are a rich source of proteins and help maintain body weight. The ingredients like Cranberries and Blueberries and Carrots are rich-antioxidants. The body requires foods that contain rich antioxidants. Antioxidants are the neutralizer that repairs damages. Before buying it, cat owners can consider Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food reviews for pros and cons.


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