Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide

There are so many options in hand when it comes to buying cat food. Loving cat owners must choose from a variety of different flavors, decide between dry and wet, among many other considerations.
If you have wondered which is better when it comes to dry vs. best wet cat food brands, they are both excellent choices. Just make sure the food you choices are 100 percent balanced and complete for your cat’s age and life stage. While some cats (and cat owners) have a preference one over the other, the best option may be to feed your cat both.
You are possibly familiar with the wet food in cans, but you may also find it in pouches. Veterinary Nutritionist Dr. Dorothy Laflamme says, both “come in small sizes, making it easy to offer a variety of diverse flavors, and for some, smaller sizes may make portion control easier”.
At least 65 percent or more moisture content has on wet cat food. As a result, according to Laflamme, “wet food should not be left out for more than thirty to sixty minutes at a time to prevent bacterial growth”. Wet cat food offers many benefits, though, including:
Textures and ingredients cats love
• Easier for cats to chew
• More variety in the diet
• Helps increase total water intake
Although feeding wet food to your cat seems special, it’s more than a treat or snack. Wet cat food is 100 percent balanced and complete and can be a crucial part of any cat’s diet. Finally, your cat will choose whether she prefers wet or dry cat food. Nutritionists recommend feeding a mixture of dry and wet food, though. This helps confirm she gets plenty of moisture in her diet food, besides the dental benefits of dry food, all while adding variation to keep her interested.
Cats are neophiliacs, meaning they appreciate trying new things. They may get bored eating the same food in the same way day in and day out. Mixing dry and wet cat food for feeding or a meal them at separate meals is a good way to give your cat the variation she not only wants but also desires.
Catering to your cat’s needs and desires also strengthens your emotional connection. You want nothing but the best food for your kitty, so you want to choose the highest-quality wet cat food possible. To do so, look for cans stating they are complete and balanced. This means they will meet all your cat’s nutritional requirements to help keep her healthy and happy.
Some cats are selective, so you may need to try several different brands and varieties before you find something your cat loves. Once you can do that, you can feel confident making wet food a regular part of her diet food. Many companies offer a variety of wet cat foods, your cat is sure to love them. For shopping, you can take a look at all our wet food varieties here.

Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 1

Figure: Average review and price of few products on Amazon

Table: Rankings of few products

Purina Fancy Feast504
Sheba Perfect PORTIONS1001
Purina Pro Plan FOCUS2138
Purina Friskies wet cat food39515
Hill's Science Diet Wet Cat Food108742

Few Top Product Reviews
1. Purina Fancy Feast


Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 2Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 3
Delight your cat’s senses with Purina Fancy Feast a Classic Pate Tender Beef and Chicken Feast wet cat food. Pop open the can and watch her come running, ready to devour this exciting meal. This delicious Purina Fancy Feast wet cat food is called classic for a reason-each serving contains the unbeatable mixture of rich protein, high-quality chicken and beef to ensure a healthy and spicy meal. A smooth pate texture creates a delectable dining experience for your favorite feline. Spoil your cat with the tastes she loves to take, and make every meal a feast that is truly impressive. Because your cat isn’t just a furry companion, but an important member of your family, she deserves the very best food. Our regular quality and safety checks ensure that this Purina Fancy Feast Classic Pate Beef and Chicken wet cat food is full of the details that you anticipate and require of the nutrition you feed your loving cat.
Make mealtimes memorable every time you serve your cat Purina Fancy Feast Classic Pate Tender Beef and Chicken Feast wet cat food. Satisfyingly smooth pate combines with the rich, meaty flavors of beef and chicken in a recipe that provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats. This tasty, protein-rich recipe contains essential vitamins and minerals, giving your cat the outstanding nutrition she needs for health maintenance. Our Classic line ensures an enjoyable wet cat food experience for your feline companion to enjoy prepared with all of your cat’s favorite high-quality ingredients to provide a unique level of taste. If your cat craves variety, give her a poultry meal she adores when you pop open a can of Classic Pate Chopped Grill Feast. Feed an average-size adult cat one can per 3 to 3.5 lb. of bodyweight everyday life. Your veterinarian can help you adjust the feeding routine so you can help your cat maintain a healthy body weight condition by serving the perfect amount to keep her satisfied. You can make your cat’s mealtime a restaurant-level dining moment with Purina Fancy Feast. Feed your cat the food she loves from the company you trust. Purina goes above and beyond your expectations to deliver the best in pet food. Using wholesome ingredients cats crave, we create meals that are both healthy and tasty, so your feline friend gets the well-rounded nutrition she needs without sacrificing excellent flavor. We boast over ninety years of experience in pushing pet nutrition forward, and our food undergoes regular safety and quality checks to help you enjoy peace of mind every time you serve your pet. Our values are put to work every day because pets test our food, so you know that it’s got a trustworthy stamp of approval.

Why Buy?
• Backed by a trusted leader in the pet nutrition industry.
• Crafted in our U.S. services.
• Delightfully smooth pate delivers a satisfying finish.
• Each batch undertakes regular safety and quality checks.
• Grain-Free Formula.
• Protein-rich formula considered for cats.
• Tender chicken and beef flavors for your cat to enjoy.

• Purina Fancy Feast Classic Pate Tender Chicken and Beef Feast are formulated to meet the nutritional levels recognized by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance of adult cats.
• Refrigerate unused portion.

2. Sheba Perfect Portions

Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 4Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 3
Sheba knows that cat owners love cats for their independent spirits, discerning palates, and personalities. That’s why each and every Sheba recipe starts with real beef, poultry or seafood as the first ingredient for an irresistible taste cat’s love. And unlike other cat food brands, all of our recipes are formulated without corn, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors.
Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food is formulated without corn or grains and contains no preservatives or artificial flavors to deliver a great-tasting entree in convenient trays.
Sheba Perfect Portions Chicken Entree Pate Cat Food Twin Packs (With two individual servings in one package) are a suitable way to treat your cat to a meal that is perfectly portioned just for them. Our mouthwatering pate for cats is formulated without corn, wheat or soy to avoid common allergens, and it contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. Real meat is the first ingredient in our premium wet cat food, so you know your cat is getting a healthy feast. Treat your elegant friend to fresh cat food at every meal with Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Food for Cats – no messy leftovers.

Why Buy?
• Contains (24) 2.6-oz. twin pack trays (48 servings total) of Sheba Perfect Portions Chicken Entree Wet Cat Food
• Corn Free.
• Grain-Free.
• In this premium wet cat food real meat is the first ingredient.
• Satisfy your cat with two separate servings in one package of delicious chicken pate cat food trays
• Sheba Perfect Portions Trays are a corn-free cat meal formulated without wheat or soy for sensitive cats.
• This fresh-tasting cat food contains no artificial preservatives or artificial flavors.

• Feeding Guide: Feed adult cats 3 portions per 5 pounds of body weight twice daily. Feed nursing and pregnant cats 2 to 3 times their normal amount food. Feed a kitten up to 5 portions twice daily. Break, peel, and serve.


3. Purina Friskies wet cat food

Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 6Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 3
Bring delightful flavor to every meal for your loving cat with this Purina Friskies Turkey wet cat food. A timeless mixture of flavors she dreams of collides with an enticing pate and smooth texture as she laps up every last bite and rounds your legs, hoping for more food. Your cat is worthy of only the best of the best, so Purina formulated this wet food for cats to help her maintain a regular diet and keep her on her toes. This delectable wet cat food offers necessary vitamins and minerals she requires with each and every serving, so you make sure her 100% balanced and complete nutrition to keep her energetic and happy while giving her the energy she needs for her feline adventures. Being sure of where from your cat’s food comes from is a top priority for you as a pet parent, so Purina manufactures their pate recipes in their U.S. plants under strict standards, sealing their reputation as industry overachievers. Purina set the bar in the pet nutrition niche with their strict quality and safety standards and their commitment to using only premium, top-shelf ingredients because they care about your furball’s well-being, health, and happiness. Each time you pop the top on a can of Friskies food for your cats, you can have a satisfaction of mind knowing that what you put in her bowl is not just delectable but good for her too. Purina’s chefs go the extra mile to formulate recipes that your kitty counts among her preferences, so each mealtime is a shared moment that leaves her feeling loved, content, and gratified. Feed your cat what she desires with this Purina Friskies Turkey wet cat food, or fill her hankering for diversity and expand her discerning palate by choosing from among twelve flavors in Purina’s Classic pet wet cat food lineup. Attract her with other poultry varieties including Chicken and Liver Dinner or Poultry Platter.
Fuel your kitty’s carnivorous desires with this Purina Friskies Turkey wet cat food. This delectably adventurous entree contains two of her preferred flavors – turkey and real giblets — in one meaty mixture that she can dive into whiskers first to fulfill her hunger for poultry, leaving behind only a clean plate and a contented purr at mealtime. Even the pickiest feline is unable to resist the delicious flavor mixture in this moist and delicious recipe containing a classic pate texture that’s easy for her small mouth to grip. Ideal for both kittens and adults, this delectable Friskies pet wet cat food recipe delivers your special kitty with 100% balanced and complete nutrition enriched with essential minerals and vitamins, so you can feel great about giving her the lip-smacking goodness she wishes along with the good-for-her stuff her body requires for every playful romp.

Why Buy?
• 100% balanced and complete nutrition.
• Made in Purina-owned U.S. services.
• Made using real turkey and giblets for a cat-approved taste.
• Quality and safety checked for confidence in feeding.
• A spicy combination of classic flavors for mealtime enjoyment.
• Smooth pate texture is pleasing to your cat’s palate.
• Suitable for both kittens and adults.

• Friskies Classic Pate Turkey is formulated to meet the nutritional levels recognized by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance of adult cats and growth of kittens.
• Refrigerate unused portion.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food

Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 8Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 3
Hill’s Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Savory Chicken Entree delivers nutrition to help avoid hairball formation for cats. Healthy mineral balance with optimal levels of magnesium; supports the health of the whole urinary system of a cat. Natural fiber reduces hairballs comfortably. Vitamin E, Omega-3s and -6s are mixed for beautiful skin and fur. High-quality chicken protein is present in this food for a nutritious, flavorful meal.
• Adult cat food that supports complete urinary system of a cat.
• A good source of natural fiber to help reduce hairballs comfortably.
• Supports a healthy coat and skin with vitamin E and omega-6s.
• High-quality protein to help your loving cat maintain muscle.
• Diet wet food made with natural ingredients.
• Made in the USA facilities with global ingredients you can trust.

Key Benefits
Hill’s Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Savory Chicken Entree affords nutrition helping avoid hairball formation for cats. It is clinically proven nutrition that can transform your cat’s life.

• Healthy mineral balance with optimal levels of magnesium; supports the health of the whole urinary system.
• Natural fiber reduces hairballs comfortably.
• Vitamin E, Omega-3s and -6s for beautiful skin and fur.
• High-quality chicken protein for a nutritious, flavorful meal.

Recommended For
Adult cats 1 – 6 years to help reduce hairballs and support the health of the urinary system.

Not Recommended For
Kittens and pregnant or nursing cats are inappropriate for this food. During nursing or pregnancy, cats should be moved to Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Indoor dry cat food or Hill’s Science Diet Kitten.

Additional Info
Hill’s Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Savory Chicken is great tasting nutrition for long and happy life. You and your cat have a thing all your own with soft purrs and even softer nuzzles. Because every moment is special you spend together, Hill’s Science tries to give you more of them. Hill’s Science Diet is precisely prepared with wholesome ingredients and the right nutrients to offer your cat the nutrition she requires for long life health and happiness.
Hill’s Science manufactures their pet foods in U.S. manufacturing services with the highest quality ingredients from North America, Europe, and New Zealand. These ingredients must meet their strict requirements for purity and nutrient content, which may exceed industry standards.
In the lives of shelter pets, you can make a difference. With every purchase of Science Diet food, you help to feed over 100,000 homeless pets every day, 365 days a year.

5. Purina Pro Plan Focus

Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 10Best Wet Cat Food Brands to Buy: A Complete Guide 3
Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula Chicken Entree in Canned Cat Food is specially intended to help maintain your cat’s urinary health by decreasing urinary pH and delivering low dietary magnesium. This delightful gravy-covered entree is made with real chicken for an exceptional taste that your cat will love. It delivers balanced nutrition to meet your cat’s unique requirements by helping to keep her immune system strong, healthy and urinary pH levels low.
Give your loving cat extra-care nutrition to meet her specific desires with Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Formula Chicken Entree in adult wet cat food. This wet urinary tract cat food provides low dietary magnesium and reduces urinary pH to help maintain her urinary tract healthy. Every serving delivers twenty-five essential vitamins and minerals plus taurine, an amino acid, to help support her overall wellness and health, and this formula is formulated to help support your cat friend’s healthy immune system for added peace of mind. This Urinary Cat Food features high-quality ingredients and real chicken that you can trust, while the delightful taste and gentle texture help to keep your cat involved during feedings. Give your cat the nourishment she requires to be her best self when you fill her plate with this Purina Pro Plan wet cat food formula at mealtime every day.

• Twenty-Four 3 oz. pull-top can – Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Formula Chicken Entree in Adult Wet Cat Food.
• Made with real chicken.
• Helps maintain urinary tract health by providing low dietary magnesium and reducing urinary pH.
• Helps support a healthy immune system.

Key Benefits
• Specialized formula made with real chicken in savory gravy and other high-quality ingredients which provide exceptional taste your cat will love.
• Extra-care nutrition helps maintain urinary tract health by providing low dietary magnesium and reducing urinary pH.
• Helps support a healthy immune system for a cat.
• Provides extra-care nutrition for specific requirements.
• Provides fortified with essential twenty-five vital vitamins and minerals plus taurine, an amino acid for a complete and balanced diet whether served alone or as a delicious topper over dry kibble.
• Delightful taste cats love.
• Backed by Purina’s 85+ years of innovation.
• For easy serving, packaged in a suitable pull-tab.
• High-quality protein helps promote ideal body composition improved for strength, lean muscle, and the fuel needed for your adult cat to thrive.
• Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A in a Purina-owned facility with high-quality ingredients for safety and quality.

Feeding Instructions
Feed your cat 1 can per 3 lbs of body weight regular. Adjust as needed and divide into two or more meals. For your loving cat’s health, see your veterinarian on a regular basis. Refrigerate unused portion or store in a dry, cool place.

Transition Instructions
Although you will be worried to see the change Pro Plan can make in your cat, you should allow 7 – 10 days to ease the transition from your cat’s present food. Each day, simply feed a little more Pro Plan and a little less of the previous food until you are feeding Pro Plan completely. This gradual switch will help avoid dietary upsets for your cat.

Buying Guide
What the best cat food has:
• More meat, less grain in the top five ingredients- Cat food critics say, Grain-free is the best food for your resident carnivore. As the number-one ingredient, experts suggest looking for meat.
• No corn, wheat or soy as carbohydrate sources- Experts say, If you do choose a cat food with steer clear of corn, grain soy, and wheat, all of which can trigger allergies in some cats.
• No artificial preservatives- None of the cat foods discussed in this article add chemical preservatives like ethoxyquin, BHT, and BHA.
• A good safety record- Since the massive, deadly melamine recalls of 2007, there is much anxiety about the quality of what goes into cat foods. Subsequent, smaller recalls for salmonella and other concerns have done little to quell fears. Look for cat food from a company for your loving cat that maintains good control over the sources of its ingredients. Many manufacturers go the extra mile by doing their own independent tests. Companies that have shown responsibility in the past – such as being straightforward with their customers when something has gone wrong – are more likely to do so in the future as well.

Know before you go to buy
• Dry versus canned- Most veterinarians have no problem with dry cat food. Others say cats actually need wet food because they grow to get moisture from their prey. Veterinarian Lisa Pierson says cats have such a low thirst drive that they will never drink sufficient from the water dish, and dry-fed cats run the risk of painful, possibly life-threatening urinary problems. On the contrary, dry cat food often costs less than canned food, and it can be suitable for cat owners who want to leave food out for the cat while they are out of the home. Some cats will only eat dry food – though that is often a case of a cat’s will vs. a cat owner’s will as well. Still, cats, as cat owners know, have very strong wills, and surely it’s better to feed dry if the animal’s overall health, or even its life, would be put in danger by drawing a line in the sand over wet vs. dry food. Still, in certain conditions, such as a cat with a history of urinary issues, wet cat food could be necessary to avoid future issues. Still, if you in doubt, talk to a trusted vet to see what the best choice for your cat is and your condition.
• What about raw- Experts and some cat owners say it is the best to feed cats what they would eat in the wild: bone, raw meat, and organs. If you are intent on making your own raw cat food, veterinarian Lisa Pierson has information on the internet; you can take look on it. You can also buy frozen raw cat food intended to nearly mimic a cat’s natural prey. Steamed to kill pathogens or dehydrated near-raw foods are another alternative.
• Are byproducts a concern- Some say that byproducts are acceptable, as a cat in the wild will eat its entire prey – fur, bones, internal organs and the rest. However, others are worried about just what’s in those byproducts and the quality of their sources, noting that a lack of standards allows the addition of animal products that would otherwise not be considered fit for consumption by humans or their pets.
• What’s your budget- The very best cat foods with plenty of high-quality meat, no fillers or grains, and nothing artificial – are usually the priciest food. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to feed your cat well. We recommend high-quality choices at a variety of price points in this article.
• Watch for vague-sounding ingredients- For instance, chicken meal is a delicious cat food ingredient; specialists say: High-quality versions include chicken meat and sometimes bone rendered to eliminate moisture which is useful for making dry cat food. On the contrary, meat and bone meal can come from any mammal at all. Animal digest means using enzymes soft animal tissue that has been digested into liquid form. Top-rated foods don’t use them, although these are all legal pet food ingredients.
• Watch out for hype- Some terms on a cat food can label have a legal meaning, while others, such as “natural” and “premium” do not have any legal meaning. The term “Human-grade” is often used by makers to describe their food in advertising on their web site, but only a few manufacturers can legally use the term on its product labeling.

You may wonder if cats need wet food if you have only ever fed your cat dry kibble. Naturally, cats derived most of the water of their bodies needed from their prey.
Your cat needs to get water from a dish, fountain or wet food because dry food has low moisture content. Feeding a mixture of dry and wet food, rather than just dry, is a great way to help your cat gets more water into her body. There are many benefits of including wet food in her diet food.
Three Reasons Your Cat Benefits from More Wet Food:
• Better Overall Hydration
Cats don’t like still or standing water. Naturally, cats have a tendency to avoid standing water because it’s often a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. As a result, they may displeasure drinking from a cat dish or bowl.
Most cats prefer fresh, moving water from a cat water faucet or fountain rather than a bowl. Cats may also feel vulnerable when drinking water and it’s not something like that they do efficiently. Your cat get about 3/100 of a teaspoon with only a single lap.
In spite of this; water is important for chemical reactions in the body, joint health and temperature regulation and mobility. It makes up about sixty percent of your cat’s body, so it is important to maintain proper hydration through adequate water intake.
How do you get cats to drink more water? Purchasing a cat water fountain or even providing plenty of fresh-water can help. By feeding wet cat food is another way to up her water intake. It does help improve her overall hydration while it can’t replace water altogether.
• Promotes Lean Body Mass
Wet cat food is high in protein, which supports to maintain strong muscles. It also helps maintain that muscle mass through later life and into a cat’s senior years.
A cat’s total body weight is comprised of fat mass and lean body mass (LBM). Muscles, bones, ligaments, organs, and more are all considered LBM. Organs and muscles are the major sources of metabolic activity, helping to support many crucial functions, like mobility, immunity, and more.
Cats naturally lose LBM, as they age. Feeding cats wet food with high-protein recipe can help maintain LBM as cat’s age.
• Adds More Variety
Just like as many people displeasure eating the same foods every day, cats can get bored with their food, too. Some cats don’t like variety- they desire it. Feeding cat’s dry food only may not always gratify this desire.
You can satisfy her desire for new and exciting textures and flavors by including more wet food in your cat’s diet list. It’s easy to buy a variety to see what your cat loves because cans of wet food are small.
With so many textures and flavors to choose from, each meal will be a pleasant adventure for your cat. Whether she’s drawn to more traditional chicken pate, seafood flavors in a creamy sauce or she likes her food in hearty gravy, feeding wet food will gratify her desire for variety.

Other Benefits of Wet Cat Food
Wet cat food is highly digestible for cats. Besides, it contains all the same necessary nutrients as dry food, including minerals and vitamins such as:
• Iron, which supports healthy tissue and blood.
• Zinc, to help maintain the eyes, skin, and bones and to help support the development of the immune system.
• Biotin, which helps promotes healthy skin by helping to maintain skin integrity and also control the release of energy from food.
So, do cats need wet food? Not necessarily, but feeding a mixture of dry and wet food can give your cat the benefits of both. The wet food will provide her the variety she wants and increase her total daily water intake and the dry kibble will help keep her teeth clean.

Question: is Purina Fancy Feast pate?
Answer: Yes. All of the classic Fancy Feast is pate. The grilled, threaded, and chunky are bits and pieces of meat. Many cats prefer the pate, but every so often they have to eat “outside” their comfort zone. And they do rise to the test.
Question: Does anyone know the carbohydrate percentage for one 3 oz. can? I need to feed my cat food that has 5% carbs or lower.
Answer: If you have a diabetic cat, any of the Fancy Feast Classic Pates are a good choice. All are lower than 5% carbs, usually much lower. You can also use the Fancy Feast Medleys pates because they are low-carb.
Question: Don’t know how much my cat weighs, how many cans to feed average-sized cat per day?
Answer: I would suggest weighing your cat to be sure they aren’t overweight. A healthy adult cat can be around 9 pounds. Feed two or two-half cans daily. Do not feed your cat dry food as dry food can cause diabetes and UTIs. Cats have a low thirst drive and need food with moisture.
Question: Why is the flavor name: “lightly peppered”? Is there really pepper in this stuff? Cats don’t like pepper, at least mine don’t. What gives?
Answer: This product doesn’t contain pepper. The “lightly peppered” is a name added by Amazon. Again, this product is still their normal formulas.
Question: Is The Fancy Feast grain-free?
Answer: Yes, all of Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Classic Pate wet entrees, including those in our Fancy Feast Classic Poultry and Beef Collection, are grain-free.
Question: What is the percentage of ash in Sheba Perfect Portions, if any?
Answer: It’s from 3 to 3.5%.
Question: How many calories are in each portion (half-servings)?
Answer: Directly from the portion label 840 kcal/ME/kg 32 kcal ME serving.
Question: Where does Sheba Perfect Portions wet food source from? China? Thailand?
Answer: It’s actually made in their own facilities in Arkansas, USA.
Question: My vet is suggesting Science Diet c/d food (which, of course, they want to sell me), is this a comparable product?
Answer: The food is very expensive and my cats stopped eating it because it looks and smells disgusting. Many owners switched them to Pro Plan a couple of years ago and it has worked well. The cats like it better and nutritionally, it is better than C/D. Also, the ash and magnesium content (the ingredients that frequently cause urinary problems) of the Pro Plan food is actually lower than the C/D.
Question: When do they expire? I want to get a lot so I don’t have to keep ordering and I need it to last for a long time.
Answer: I guess it depends on how long you mean. They should last for up to a couple of months just fine. You could contact the manufacturer to check.
Question: Do the cans say “adults and kittens”?
Answer: There is cat food which says adults or kitten and also there is some cat food which doesn’t have any label to identify for adult or kittens.
Question: What’s the difference between Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food and science diet c/d prescription cat food?
Answer: The prescription diet is only sold by veterinarians and is specially formulated for animals that have special needs as the vet finds necessary. Many people made a mistake buying the regular science diet and were not aware that it was not the same. Royal Canin also makes a prescription diet. You can check with your vet.

Wet cat food is excellent for cats because it gets so much water into them without them even realizing it. This keeps your cat hydrated which is great for his liver and kidneys. Cats evolved from desert-dwelling animals and therefore evolved to obtain most of their water from the food they eat. Wet cat food is, therefore, an important element of our cats’ diets.
There is currently a very strong movement in favor of wet cat food and also raw feeding, and against dry cat food. The main argument against dry cat food is that it dehydrates cats and leads to problems with the kidneys. We give our cat’s wet cat food every day, but they also have a good quality dry kibble with plenty of taurine in it, because taurine is absolutely vital to heart health. We currently feed our cats with a variety of high-quality dry foods. We then add in a range of different wet foods each day, to ensure that they get as varied and balanced a diet as possible.

Our kittens are fed on high-quality wet food and we have developed a bit of a secret formula over the years, which we change for each litter depending on what suits them and what suits their parents. Nutrition is a very personal and subjective thing so we are only able to advise on foods for our own kittens, as we have no knowledge of what might suit a kitten or cat that we have not raised.


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