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Dogs are special pet animals that are adored by all the humans around the world. The way dogs are loyal, affectionate, caring and playful makes our heart melt towards them and we create an undying bond of love. And they definitely deserve the best effort from us.
Hence, to take care of such an amazing creature that keeps our heart overwhelmed is essential. To help you gain the essential knowledge regarding best diet dog food for your furry friend so that they stay your companion for life long we have brought up this guide. This article is a good read for you as we have written detailed review regarding three best diet dog foods and also about 2 cookbooks that have the best recipes so that you can make the best homemade food for your dogs if you don’t prefer the readymade ones.
1. The Healthy Hound Cookbook best diet dog food:
Giving your dog the same food on a regular basis becomes both boring and as well as tasteless. You will notice your dog not showing interest in the food that you serve, once it gets bored of it. Hence, your dog may start losing weight and look unhealthy. And symptoms of unhealthiness are known by all the dog owners. They lose the shine of their fur and also they sort of become less energetic and inactive because of weak bone and teeth growth.
To rescue you from such unwanted situations The Healthy Hound Cookbook has been written by the authors named Paris Permenter and John Bigley. The book contains 125 recipes that you can easily follow to prepare nutritious, healthy and delicious meals, treats and best diet dog food for your dogs. This is not it! There are more features of the book that we have listed below that will enlighten you further regarding the goodness of the book.
 Features:
• The ingrediants that are used in the recipes of the book can be easily found in your kitchen.
• The recipes have been designed in such a way so that the food that is being prepared has all the elements in completely balanced way.
• The book does not encourage using ingrediants that contain chemicals or other unhealthy elements. The ingrediants that is mostly mentioned in the book are: beef, chicken, potatoes and carrots.
• The book includes information regarding cooking techniques and raw diets.
• The book comes with a portion calculator so that the serving sizes can be adjusted according to the breed of your dog.
• Comes with very interesting snack and treat recipes such as Oatmeal Turkey Dog Biscuits and Banana Dog Ice cream.

 Pros:
• The cookbook can be used for cooking meals and dishes for all sort of breeds of dogs.
• Book encourages usage of completely fresh and natural ingrediants that can be easily found in the kitchen.
• Huge number of recipes have been included in the recipe book up to 125.
• The recipes have been written in easy English language so that it can be read and understood easily.

 Cons:
• The cookbook does not contain relevant pictures of the outcome after the food is cooked with the recipes.

 Conclusion:
To sum up, The Healthy Hound Cookbook is all about feeding your furry friend all the goodness that it needs. You will not go wrong and surely the health of your dog will be taken care of in the best way possible when you begin following the nutritious recipes that are written in complete details.
Hence, wait no more! Get yours today and cook the best diet dog food that is complete in terms of all aspects and has complete elements for your do to stay healthy and highly energetic.
2. Hill’s Science best diet dog food:
When your puppy grows into a large dog it is obvious that the needs and requirements of body will increase. Hence, it needs to be fed all the essential elements that it requires so that it stays energetic and playful all the time. To provide the best to your grown up dogs so that they have strong bones and teeth Hill’s Science Diet Dry Food is one of the best choice that you can go for.
The dry food has delicious chicken flavor which will be liked by your dog and sooner or later it will become the favorite meal that your dog craves for. It is a well-known choice amongst all dog owners as it has commendable level of calcium which we all know is a great requirement for proper growth of strong bones and teeth. Also, it is the number one recommended product by veterinarian. You will know more regarding the features of Hill’s Science and why it is known as a well-known best diet dog food by reading the details below.
 Features:
• The dog food contains DHA from fish oil that enhances proper eye development and brain functioning of a growing puppy or a grown up dog.
• Great strong muscle development is enabled because of the dog food having high quality protein.
• The dog food consists of balanced minerals, vitamins and amino acids that promotes development of strong bones and teeth.
• Uses natural protein that has been extracted from real chicken, lamb or salmon.

 Pros:
• Comes with clinically proven antioxidant benefits that makes sure free radicals in the body is cancelled out.
• Does not contain any sort of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
• The diet dog food goes under proper examination for proper analysis of ingredient profile.
• It is guaranteed to meet all the needs of your pets.

 Cons:
• You will need to consult a vet to know the amount of dog food that you need to feed according to the breed of your dog.

 Conclusion:
To sum up, Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food has all the essentials like protein, calcium, balanced minerals, vitamins and amino acids for proper growth of your growing up puppy or for the proper health maintenance of your grown up dog. It is all about having the goodness of natural ingrediants that will be enhancing the strength of the muscles, growth of strong bones and teeth.
Moreover, it is a recommended product by veterinarians that is supposed to make it clear for you regarding the goodness of the product. End your waiting today itself and get yourself Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food which is the ultimate best diet dog food that your fluffy, furry friend will love.
3. NUTRO Wholesome Essentials Adult Best Diet Dog Food:
“Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Large Breed Natural Dry Dog Food” as the name suggests this amazing dog food contains wholesome real ingrediants that is essential for the growth and proper development of your dogs. The main flavor of the dog food is chicken which has been farm raised. Farm raised chicken has been used to deliver great taste.
The dog food can be used for large breed dogs that has grown up. You can feed the dog food to growing up puppies as well without any doubt. Moreover, this amazing dry dog food is well known to improve the immune system of your furry friend. This will enable your dog to fight a number of diseases naturally without the need of in taking artificial medicines.
This is not the end. Go through an overview of the features that we have listed below to get enlightened regarding all the benefits that Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Large Breed Natural Dry Dog Food has to provide.
 Features:
• Contains essential Antioxidants like Vitamin E and other vitamins as well that helps the immune system to strengthen for fighting body diseases.
• Healthy joints of dogs are enhanced because the dry dog food contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin.
• The product contains 15 lb. of product that will be enough for feeding your dogs for long time.
• The dog food contains brown rice and sweet potato as well to intensify the flavor and for the taste to be more delicious so that each bite of the food is devoured by them with full love.
• The main ingredient of the dog food is farm raised chicken that is the ultimate source of protein which helps in proper muscle development and the strength of the muscle to develop.
 Pros:
• Promotes development of strong immune system.
• Contains high amount of proteins for proper growth of dogs.
• Made with non-genetically modified ingrediants.
• Proper and strong development of joints is enhanced so your dogs will be more playful and energetic.
• Contains balanced of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E and other vitamins present that acts as antioxidants.

 Cons:
• Slight amount of genetically modified material might be found due to potential cross contact while manufacturing occurs.

 Conclusion:
To sum up, Nutro Wholesome Essentials is one of the best diet dog food that you can feed your dogs without any doubt. It does not matter which breed your dog is, nor does it matter whether you want to feed the food to a growing puppy or a grown up dog.
4. CESAR best diet dog food:
Like humans, dogs also get bored of eating same sort of food on a regular basis. Hence, to make sure that your dog is eating regularly and is not losing weight CESAR Wet Dog Food Variety Pack Trays is a good option. This dog food comes with 24 trays in each packet and has 4 different flavors. You can provide your dog different flavor at different times. Your dog will feel absolutely pampered after devouring each bite of this absolutely delicious dog food.
You will not face any sort of hassle while serving the dog food. The texture of the food is completely like sauce. Moreover, you can just simply peel away the seal and your best friend can at from the tray itself. You will not need to pour it out in any additional container. Don’t worry about the breed. You can feed it to both small and large breeds without stressing out.
We have listed below all the details regarding the flavors and further more features that is necessary for you to gain knowledge about.
 Features:
• All the goodness packed in this tray contains real ingrediants that will be providing complete supply of protein, calcium, minerals and vitamins. Also, it does not contain any sort of grains apart from real natural ingrediants.
• Each packet contains 24 trays of wet food. 6 of the trays contains duck recipe, other 6 of the trays contains oven roasted chicken flavor, other 6 of the trays contains grilled chicken flavor and the last 6 trays contains turkey recipe.
• CESAR uses real meat and natural US raw ingrediants. Moreover, the ingrediants meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles.

 Pros:
• Wet dog food comes in convenient trays so there is no requirement pouring in separate bowl.
• Hassle free and easy serving, just peel away the seal.
• Wet food can be fed to the dog directly. Or it can be used as a topper on other dry dog food. To make the food much tastier.
• The main ingredient of the dog food is meat from US chicken, US duck or US turkey.
• Suitable for feeding dogs of all sort of breeds and age.

 Cons:
• Some of the meat flavor in the trays might not be liked by certain breeds.

 Conclusion:
To conclude, CESAR Wet Dog Food Variety Pack Trays will be loved by your pet dog and you will love it as well when you see how the health, growth and weight of your dog has flourished. To add more, finding a convenient best diet dog food is actually rare. Moreover, it can be used as a topper of dry dog food as well which makes it even more amazing.

5. Raw Feeding 101 best diet dog food:
All the dog owners of this whole world knows the importance of raw feeding. Also, you all know the problems that comes when raw feeding is not done in a clean hygienic way. And the symptoms of inappropriate raw feeding are known to all of us but still we would like to mention them. The symptoms are: Itching, uncertain vomiting, diarrhea, yeast infections of ears and paws. All the symptoms sound dreadful right?
However, don’t worry any longer. To end all of this problems of yours we have brought the best solution that you need. The book Raw Feeding 101: Beginner’s Raw Feeding guide is the ultimate book with appropriate information that you will be needing to know to gain knowledge regarding the proper techniques and ways for feeding your dog raw meat. We have detailed below more about the beneficial things.
 Features:
• After giving your dog the ready-made packaged wet and dry dog food it is well known how difficult it comes for them to switch to in taking raw food. This book comes with proper tricks and tips regarding how the transition of your dog to eat fresh food diet can be done.
• Some essential and helpful recipes that you should know regarding how to prepare fresh food meals to feed your dogs have been detailed in the book as well.
• We all know raw meat bones contains unsafe microbes that can cause diseases. Hence, this book comes with proper guidelines that you need to know for cleaning the raw meat safely.

 Pros:
• Very helpful book written in easy English language that can be understood by everyone.
• Comes with proper guidelines for sanitary practices to prevent the symptoms and illness.
• Comes with healthy raw recipes that can be followed to prepare regular meals for dogs.
• Proper details listed regarding how to switch the diet of a dog to fresh food diet from regular dog food eating habit.

 Cons:
• The book does not come with appropriate index which makes it a bit less in terms of convenience.

 Conclusion:
To sum up, Raw feed 101 is best diet dog food raw guide that you will find when you decide for a transition from feeding your dog regular processed dog food to raw food. You will know all about the perfect balance and proper steps that you need to follow when you feed your dog raw food.
And we all know that how important it is for your dog to not suffer from any of those symptoms that we have mentioned previously just because of lack of some important knowledge. Hence, get your copy today itself without any further waiting.

Buying guide for purchasing best diet dog food:
We all know that all the dog owners of the world wish for the best for their best friends. To help you to find out the best for your furry friend we have listed below some guidelines that you need to follow to purchase the appropriate dog food.
1. Check the list of ingrediants of the dog food that you select. Make sure that the dog food does not contain any artificial flavors or any other artificial materials. Artificial things that have chemicals composed will harm the internal organs of your dog and thus can result in decrease of average life span.
2. Know about the liking of your dog. A dog that prefers chicken will not show liking for thing that has lamb flavor in it. Hence, choose the flavor of your dog food according to the taste and preference of your dog and not according to your own convenience. No one wants to see their dogs losing interest in their appetites.
3. Check if the dog food that you have selected has all the elements that is needed for the proper growth of bones, teeth and muscles. The elements must be proper enough to strengthen the immune system of your dog as well, so that it can fight disease well enough.
4. Remember that anything excessive is not beneficial and it always has negative outcome. Hence, check that the dog food you have chosen has appropriate and balanced amount of minerals, vitamins, calcium, protein and other essential elements.

1. How do I know regarding the amount of specific dog food that I need to feed my dog?
Ans: Always consult a vet before you decide to feed your dog something. The requirements of a dog vary according to their breed and as well as their size. That is why it is always safe that you consult a vet.
2. Should I continue feeding my dog a specific dog if I notice abnormal changes about his stool?
Ans: Absolutely yes! No doubt. Stop feeding your dog the specific dog food immediately and consult a vet. Different bodies and breeds of dogs may react in certain different way in rare cases.
3. Will raw feeding my dog on a regular basis will be fine?
Ans: Well in such cases, we would suggest that you don’t keep a certain type of meal always consistent. Feed your dog all the goodness that it deserves accordingly to its taste and likings be it raw or normal dog food.
4. Should I feed my dog a different flavor rather than the usual flavor that it usually reaches for?
Ans: Absolutely yes. Feed your dog the food of the brand that you have always been reaching for and then just try feeding the different flavors of the same sort of product. You never know, your dog may like some other flavor than the regular one it has always been reaching for.
To sum up, after you have reached the end of this whole piece of writing we are sure that you have enlightened about a lot of stuff regarding best diet dog food. Also the buying guide that we have listed above will be helping you out when choosing the best one amongst the reviews that we have written. Because ultimately the choice needs to be made by you according to your personal preference and choices.
Additionally, all the FAQs that has been written are the genuine common questions that keeps on arising in the mind of pet owners. Then wait no more! Everything has been made crystal clear to you. You can get your best diet dog food today itself.


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